Beefcake of the Week ~ Erik Byrne

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

Hi Erik,
What’s your idea of a perfect date?

“That’s easy… a day that starts at home having coffee together with our sweet dog on the sofa… then becomes brunch (either just us or with friends)…. a small shopping trip (for big boy toys)…. A good 3 to 4 hours locked away in the playroom…. an afternoon spent at the naked beach…. grab Thai take out on the way home… eat said take out while we’re happily back on the sofa with that wonderful dog. I guess my partner and I don’t really do “date night”. But we LOVE “date day”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

What does the term “Bear” mean to you?

“I’ll say this… I’ve got friends in the bear community that represent each extreme end of the spectrum and everything in between. Some that don’t even necessarily have a “look” that would suggest “Bear”. But they feel it and they feel a part of a community that is familiar to them. This is where I realized that a sense of belonging, no matter how deep or how shallow it might seem to someone else, is really important to those who kinda never really did belong… I’ll say this, I had never noticed anyone “woofing” at me for the first 10 years of my “out” life. Then one day I moved to San Francisco, a couple of bears “woofed” my direction.. and when I “woofed” back… it was ON. And I’m so glad I did.”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

“I had worked in the industry as a designer for 12 years before moving into the financial side of the business. I’d like to think that I developed a solid personal style I could stand by…. But really I think I simply acquired a tolerance level for a wide range of styles. I guess what I mean is that I’ll easily find comfort and beauty in almost any space so long as its creator(s) present it with confidence in what it’s supposed to represent…. Except, of course, for anything even slightly resembling “shabby chic”. Shabby Chic is disgusting.”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

What kind of music do you listen to?

“I’m a country boy at heart and country music will always be my go-to. Beyond that, I’ll listed to anything and everything Top 40-ish. Pretty much anything that causes my DJ friends stomachs to turn…”

Location: San Francisco

Height: 5’9″

Hair: “Brown with some “salt” coming in and rapidly receding.”

Eyes: Blue-ish

Sign: Cancer

Erik and partner Scott
Erik and partner Scott. Photo by
Inked Kenny

Fitness Routine:
“I’m THE WORST about the gym. Never liked it, never felt comfortable in one since long ago in junior high school gym class. (insert personal gym locker room story here) But I get up and go as many times a week as I’m able (always before work). But really, if I look at all like I spend any amount of time committed to a rigorous work out… the credit goes to flagging. I flag whenever I have a few free minutes. In the back yard, head phones in, country music blasting, and my many straight neighbors staring at me through their azaleas… looking just a little bit worried.”

Photo by Rey Rey's Photography
Photo by Rey Rey’s Photography

Occupation: “Finance and Business Manager for SF Interior Design firm.”

Hobbies: “White Water Rafting, snowboarding, creating flower arrangements for our home. And, um… can you call Burning Man a “hobby”? Probably not, but I stand by it.”

Guilty Pleasure Snack: JIF Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Life Cereal. Try it. I triple. dog. dare. you. And no, I do NOT try to “work it off” at the gym later. Just enjoy it.”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

TV Faves: “I like, and will watch nearly anything I guess…. But my “can’t miss” shows would be The Daily Show, Chelsea Lately, and… The Soup. I refuse to get my news from a network. All the networks are complete dicks in their own way and it’s become boring and sad. I get my real news from the most logical source I can think of… My friends ranting on Facebook.”

Last good movie you saw: “Maleficent.’ Freakin loved it. I’m an unabashed mainstream consumer and this movie delivered.”

Currently Reading: “Listening to the ‘Tales of the City’ audiobooks on my commute each day. I’ve read all the at least twice so this is a completely different experience.”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

Turn Ons: Body Hair (preferably not trimmed), confidence, experience, bedroom eyes, rough hands, silver daddies, and passion for what you do, knowing when to be a Gentleman and knowing when to be a Swine.”

Turn Offs: “Arrogance, intolerance, overcompensating, ignored insecurities… I guess these are things that we all exhibit in our own way, especially me.”

Personal Statement: “A sweet and wonderful lesbian friend once said to me (upon seeing and talking to me for the first time since growing up a little bit… beard and fur and such) ‘Honey, if you’re gonna be a Bear, then be a Grizzly.’ I believe what she meant was embrace your natural strength and do what you do well. Do it with integrity and love and power. Don’t look back too much and don’t ever look down on anyone else who’s having a rougher time than you are having with something. We all need a little help at one time or another. At least that’s what I believe anyway.”

Beefcake Erik Byrne

Contributing Photographers:
David Dudar
Inked Kenny
Rey Rey