Instinct Magazine: Modern Bear “Bears to Know for 2018”

Beefcake Soup graphic by Scott McGillivray

Instinct Magazine: May 4th, 2018 by Ryan Shea

2018’s Bears You Should Know: Who Made the Inspiring List?

“Modern Bear creators Travis Smith and Chris Bale have already had a busy year. It started in February with their hugely successful annual PopulArt Party held during International Bear Convergence. Thinking outside the “bear box,” the duo curated an art exhibit of local Palm Springs artists, threw in a DJ and Go-Go Bears, and suddenly, it wasn’t your average art show! They just filmed a comedic appearance in an episode of “Where The Bears Are,” and are working with Bear World TV to create new programming, something they are very excited about. Travis elaborates; “Chris and I have written several pilot scripts for different concepts, and it feels good that BWT is excited as we are in producing one of them. It would be so awesome to get a bear-related show a production deal!”

Modern Bear’s Chris Bale hosting Project Bearway at Lazy Bear
Photo by Richard Marcotte

“But they are most proud to be “Guardian Angel” sponsors of Sanctuary Palm Springs, which provides a physical and emotional environment of health, education and kindness for LGBT teens in Foster Care in the Palm Springs area. Sanctuary enables LGBT teens who have been disowned by their families, a temporary home where they can re-group and have a safe place to live while they re-build their lives. “When we heard about Sanctuary, we immediately wanted to help, so we threw a Modern Bear Tea Dance and donated all the proceeds. The dance was such a hit, we will continue to do more of them throughout the year, to continue raising funding for Sanctuary,” explains Chris.

Both Travis and Chris live busy lives in the gay Mecca Palm Springs, Chris as a Realtor specializing in Mid Century Modern properties popular in the area, and Travis is an interior designer for H3K Design, which specializes in restoring Mid Century period homes. Hmmm, sounds like a great TV show!”

Photo of Modern Bear’s Travis Smith by Kelly Peak

Beefcake of the Week – Phil

Photo by Real Men Real Life
Photo by Real Men Real Life
Photo by Real Men Real Life
Photo by Real Men Real Life
Photo by Real Men Real Life
Photo by Real Men Real Life
Beefcake Phil from Georgia

Meet Woofy Phil from Stone Mountain, GA…

Hi Phil!
What does the term “Bear” mean to you?

“I think the definition of a bear is a man who is secure enough in his hairiness to let it grow.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

“Going on a ten mile hike with a rugged bear, taking him to dinner (his choice), and then back to my place for a sensual massage!”

Location: Stone Mountain, GA

Height: 6’

Hair: Salt & Pepper

Eyes: Brown

Sign: Virgo

Fitness Routine: “A happy balance between working out, eating right and getting enough sleep.”

Occupation: Electrical Tech

Hobbies: “When I have time, I love to hike. I’ve hiked over 150 miles of Georgia trails.”

Guilty Pleasure Snack: Zaxby’s

TV Faves: “I don’t watch TV at home, but when I’m with friends, I’m addicted to ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and ‘Downtown Abbey.”

Last good movie you saw: “Gravity’ (Sandra Bullock kicks ass!)”

Currently Reading: “47 Ronin’ by Joan D. Vinge.”

Turn Ons: “I love a good kisser, and definitely massages!”

Turn Offs: “Someone who uses the words ‘I’ and ‘me’ a lot.”

Q: Personal Statement: “Don’t judge!”

Photos by John Edward Fink Real Men Real Life