Retro Futurism: 60’s Motorola Ad

1960s Motorola Ad

Some fabulous examples of Retro Futurism are the series of illustrations by Charles Schridde for a Motorola advertising campaign during the 1960’s. These ads often appeared in Life Magazine and featured futuristic architecture and fantastical lifestyles centered around Motorola TV and stereo consoles.

“When Charlie Schridde was working at New Center Studios in Detroit in the early sixties, the recently acquired Motorola account was the subject of an in-house contest. Each artist was asked to create a scene involving “a neat place to watch tv.” As a result, Schridde’s vision of sophisticated couples, near-future architecture and sumptuous, panoramic environments won the day. He continued creating the high-profile, double-page spread Motorola ads (which regularily appeared in both Life magazine and the Saturday Evening Post) even after leaving New Center.”
– Today’s Inspiration

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