Modern Bear Beefcake ~ Clint from South Carolina

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

Hi Clint,
What does the term “Bear” mean to you?

“When I close my eyes and think of what a bear is, I probably have the same visual image as most people. Visually, bears tend to be beefier guys with facial and body hair as well as a blue collar or hyper-masculine look. But to me, the term bear goes deeper than the visual aspect. I think the bear community as a whole is all about acceptance. I have traveled to many bear events and there are guys of so many shapes and sizes, furry and non-furry, and they all consider themselves bears. Bears, in my opinion, tend to be more accepting of each other, very social in nature, and fun-loving. I always joke that the bear community is always so friendly and accepting because we eat! We eat, we drink, and…well…we do what men do. So being a bear to me is about being who you are, and enjoying each other for who and what we are.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

“Honestly, I have had the “perfect date”. I was lucky enough to be with the man of my dreams for 17 years so I have had a million perfect dates. The next man I date/love will be someone who makes me laugh, and that I make laugh too. You know, the you’re laughing so hard you’re wiping tears from your face and can’t breathe kind of laughter. Whether we are at a restaurant, at a bar with friends or just lying on the couch cuddling up together, I want to laugh. The man who makes me laugh will win my heart. Any date with that man will be the perfect date.”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

“I am a very simple guy, so my tastes tend to run as such. My favorite room in the house is my den. It has a southwest design with a lot of earth tones. The walls are lined with cowboy hats and southwestern art. Of course that room also has a big screen television and two very comfy couches.”

What kind of music do you listen to?

“My taste in music changes all the time. I can enjoy anything from choral music to hard rock. Most of the music on my ITunes is dance music, with some country thrown in for fun. I love to dance to both. Whatever the sound, words are important to me. I have to know every word to every song. I want to understand the lyrics and what they mean. Understanding the words and lyrics makes it easier when I am singing along.”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Height: 6’1

Hair: Salt and pepper

Eyes: “Most of the time they are blood shot, but I think they are supposed to be blue ”

Sign: “The one with crabs… wait …maybe I should re-write that…”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

Fitness Routine:
“When all the pieces and parts are working, LOL, I am at the gym 4 times a week. I do a very basic exercise routine of upper body/lower body. I try to change my routine every 3-4 weeks. Even if that just means changing from dumbbells to a machine. Anything to break up the exercises to keep my mind interested and my body confused. I also do treadmill two or three times a weeks and once a week I try to play some basketball.”

Occupation: “Human Resources/Corporate Trainer – I hire, train, and fire… (not necessarily in that order).”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

Hobbies: “I love to travel. I try to travel somewhere every month. It’s a big gay world out there, and I want to see it all. My trips don’t have to take me across the world, but somewhere where I can meet new people and experience different things. I admit I am developing a fondness for several European countries though.

Because of my love for music, I like to make dance remixes. A couple times a year I will organize an event at the local bar where I can DJ and share my music. The last party was a lumberjack party.

Finally, I love to bake. I am the type of person that shows they care by baking for people. My momma told me when I was just a little bear-cub, “If you want to keep those bears happy, you’ll need to learn to cook in more than one room of the house”. So I learned to cook, everything else came naturally.”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

Guilty Pleasure Snack: “Well like any bear, I can’t get within a mile of a cupcake without starting to drool. But when I think “guilty pleasure”, I think of things that I love so much I can’t stop myself; my biggest guilty pleasure is Flaming Hot Cheetos. They are crazy addictive! I can sit and eat a whole bag and not think twice. I especially love when my fingers are covered with yummy Cheetos goodness! I will even tear open the bag to make sure I get to the crumbs at the very bottom of the bag.”

TV Faves: “If you were to check my DVR over the past year, you would find True Blood (did not like the ending), Walking Dead, Hot in Cleveland, Tosh.0, Cupcake Wars and Robot Chicken (how’s that for a mix). I also watch a lot of sports as I am a big Kentucky Wildcat fan (Go Big Blue)!”

Beefcake Clint

Last good movie you saw: “The last movie was Guardians of the Galaxy. It was such a fun, quirky movie. I loved it.”

Turn Ons: “I have a major beard fetish. A nicely trimmed and well defined beard is really hot. Chest fur is also pretty high on my list. Sexy muscle cubs and daddy bears always catch my eye. I like guys who look like they take care of themselves physically, but they can’t be too serious about it. If you’re going to stress over eating a cupcake (or 2…or 3), you’re not the guy for me. Life is too short to not eat cupcakes.”

Turn Offs: “I don’t like people who are arrogant, rude, disrespectful or passive aggressive.”

Personal Statement: “Over the past few years I have learned that life is short. We have to kind and love each other because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I also believe we have to take time to laugh and to make each other laugh. If we can laugh together, we can be compassionate with one another; if we can laugh together, we can forgive each other; if we can laugh together, we can LOVE each other. Make someone laugh today.”

Photo by David Dudar
Photo by David Dudar

Photos by David Dudar Photography

Travis Smith

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  1. joe walker says:

    Kinda stumbled onto your site….when I saw Clint from Columbia, S.C. I felt myself kinda gasp, I don’t get impressed easily. By the time I finished reading his interview I was infatuated and thinking about my 2 yearly visits to Columbia…and daydreaming! wow.

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