Meet Woofy Beefcake Jorge from Madrid!

Hi Jorge!
How did your attraction to the Bear culture come about?

“When I started to feel sexual attraction for men, I thought I had some kind of problem, because the idea of TV and society made the concept of “gay” so different from the concept I had about myself. This made my new sexual orientation weirder also. When I realized I wasn’t the only one, and what I liked had a name, I was so happy. The name was bears. I was excited searching on google for ‘bears!”

What does the term “Bear” mean to you?

“For me it means everyone who identifies with “bear”. I am getting tired of hearing stuff like, ‘this guy thinks he is a bear, ha ha even if he’s not hairy,’ or ‘people think because they grow a beard that they are bears.’ Since the bear community is getting bigger and trendier, I see there is more discrimination between us. You see group of muscle bears who don’t want contact with other kinds of people. That is wrong. They are missing lots of nice people and they are making others feel bad.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

“I think the perfect date is a date that makes me so nervous because I don’t know if he likes me, and I am trying to find the way to kiss the guy. I am so romantic and I love the seduction, nervousness, and suspense. You know the date was perfect when you go home and realize you can’t sleep the night because you are so excited and you have a permanent idiot smile on your face.”

Location: Geneva and Madrid

Height: 6’5

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Sign: Capricorn

Fitness Routine: I workout five or six times a week.
-chest and calves
-back and abs
-legs and calves
-shoulders and calves
Around 5 exercises in 3 series of 9-12 reps. In 40′-45′ have finished.
The 80% is the diet. I eat between 6-8 times a day.

Occupation: Physiotherapist

Hobbies: “Cinema, novels, comics, sci-fi, gym, travel, videogames…”

Guilty Pleasure Snack: “I have a lot! But Nutella and Chocolate in general drive me crazy!!! Grrr!”

TV Faves: “I am a TV series lover. Probably ‘Six Feet Under’ and “Battlestar Galactica’ are my favorites. HBO series in general.”

Last good movie you saw: “The last good movie I watched was ‘Donnie Darko.’ It’s one of my favorite movies ever. Travels across time themes are one of my weaknesses.”

Currently Reading: “I am reading a trilogy about the life of Publio Cornelio Escipion the African. It is called ‘African Vs’ written by Santiago Posteguillo. I love historic novels.”

Turn Ons: “Masculinity, good smile, cute ears, muscled and beefy, good attitude without artificial poses, good kissers and cuddles.”

Turn Offs: “Bad breath, aggressive attitude, bad kissers, smoke smell, long hair, lies.”

Personal Statement: “I am nobody to give advice, but be aware of prejudices. So many times it makes us blind. It makes us lose a connection to lots of nice people who would give such nice moments. Because at first sight they may not be good looking enough, or not masculine or fat. Or also we miss people because we think he is good looking and he may be superficial, or muscled so they just think about proteins and gym. All of cases are so wrong.”

Travis Smith

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