2 thoughts on “Goodbye to a Gentle Giant: R.I.P. Chris Miklos

  1. Vicente says:

    El tìtulo de la pàgina traduce en forma acertada còmo siempre me imaginè a Chris : Un gigante (yo soy pequeñito) apacible. Un gigante poderoso y bueno que me protegerìa; yo me pegarìa a èl para sentir el poder de su musculatura y el calor de su corazòn.
    Adiòn amigo Chris. Te quiero.

  2. Bearfuzzlover says:

    I never knew Chris, but being on the other side of the Pond did not stop me admiring him as a Bear, a Humanitarian helping to improve the lives of others, including his clinical research work testing on experimental drugs include those being developed to combat HIV and AIDS. Friend to so many, including his loving partner and boyfriend, Patrick Wiese, I extend my hand of friendship as a kindred spirit.

    Chris was a HOT BEAR and someone to lust after, despite Patrick being the lucky guy for the period they were closer friends and lovers and getting there first … and now they have many rivers to cross in order to be healed as life goes on, but Chris has left us a gift as well as a legacy … being a Bear, son to his wonderful parents and brother, and we as his kindred spirit “Brothers,” he’s touched us in many ways, and someone very special who for all eternity will be close to our hearts and forever in our lives!


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