Bearnamic Duo: Meet Ryan & John from Palm Springs!

Ryan and John are one of the most handsome and charming couples in Palm Springs. They also have their own successful real estate business. We caught up with them recently to ask them what makes their relationship so successful…


How did you guys originally meet?

“We were both in the process of ending a relationship when we met. Neither of us were looking to find love. We were introduced by a mutual friend in San Diego. John was wearing a wife beater with his hat on sideways and he looked at me and said with his charming Southern drawl, “Damn, boy! Will you marry me?” Totally turned on I accepted with hesitation, “Yeah, but let me break up with my boyfriend first.” Two days later I was single again and ready to see what this tough boy was about.”

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How long have you been together?

“We met August 4, 2007. We got married legally July 1, 2013.”

Was it love at first sight or did it take a few dates?

“I really do think it was love at first sight. The moment I met him I had butterflies in my stomach and that was something that I rarely if ever felt with anyone else. With my friends I even referred to him as my future husband the weekend we met.”

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How long did you date before you lived together?

“After many weekend visits to Palm Springs I fell in love with the community out there. About six months after we began dating I made a move to live in Palm Springs full time. The real estate market was in the toilet at this time so I started managing properties with luxury vacation rentals here in the desert. No homes were selling in San Diego so the perfect time for me to make a switch.”

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What is it about your mate that attracted you so much?

“First and foremost I was attracted to John’s morals and values. He was wild at heart but yet also had a good balance between crazy and realistic. He didn’t put up with any bullshit from anyone and still doesn’t. Not even me. He’s good for me.”


Do you have common interests?

“We have some common interests which is good but were also very very different people. I enjoy the circuit party scene and he absolutely hates it. He loves musicals and I despise them. It really comes down to is that he loves to talk and be heard and he can’t talk with loud music. We both love softball, going to the gym, traveling, home projects and entertaining.”


What’s the secret to your successful relationship?

“Compromise, patience and honesty. Understanding that no one is perfect, being able to let your ego not get in the way, and putting the person that you’re with above everyone else.”

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Any advice for a dating couple?

If you’re not confident in your relationship don’t try a three-way. If guys are hitting on your man take it as a compliment; don’t be jealous. That’s not attractive. Try to avoid group vacations and travel with your partner alone.”

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John and Ryan can reached through their website at

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4 thoughts on “Bearnamic Duo: Meet Ryan & John from Palm Springs!

  1. Frank Alvarez says:

    Ryan and John are just about the nicest guys you will meet in Palm Springs. They always have a smile on their faces and a hug to give. Ryan and John love Palm Springs, and Palm Springs loves them.

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