Bearnamic Duo: Meet Ryan & John from Palm Springs!

Ryan and John are one of the most handsome and charming couples in Palm Springs. They also have their own successful real estate business. We caught up with them recently to ask them what makes their relationship so successful…


How did you guys originally meet?

“We were both in the process of ending a relationship when we met. Neither of us were looking to find love. We were introduced by a mutual friend in San Diego. John was wearing a wife beater with his hat on sideways and he looked at me and said with his charming Southern drawl, “Damn, boy! Will you marry me?” Totally turned on I accepted with hesitation, “Yeah, but let me break up with my boyfriend first.” Two days later I was single again and ready to see what this tough boy was about.”

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How long have you been together?

“We met August 4, 2007. We got married legally July 1, 2013.”

Was it love at first sight or did it take a few dates?

“I really do think it was love at first sight. The moment I met him I had butterflies in my stomach and that was something that I rarely if ever felt with anyone else. With my friends I even referred to him as my future husband the weekend we met.”

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How long did you date before you lived together?

“After many weekend visits to Palm Springs I fell in love with the community out there. About six months after we began dating I made a move to live in Palm Springs full time. The real estate market was in the toilet at this time so I started managing properties with luxury vacation rentals here in the desert. No homes were selling in San Diego so the perfect time for me to make a switch.”

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What is it about your mate that attracted you so much?

“First and foremost I was attracted to John’s morals and values. He was wild at heart but yet also had a good balance between crazy and realistic. He didn’t put up with any bullshit from anyone and still doesn’t. Not even me. He’s good for me.”


Do you have common interests?

“We have some common interests which is good but were also very very different people. I enjoy the circuit party scene and he absolutely hates it. He loves musicals and I despise them. It really comes down to is that he loves to talk and be heard and he can’t talk with loud music. We both love softball, going to the gym, traveling, home projects and entertaining.”


What’s the secret to your successful relationship?

“Compromise, patience and honesty. Understanding that no one is perfect, being able to let your ego not get in the way, and putting the person that you’re with above everyone else.”

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Any advice for a dating couple?

If you’re not confident in your relationship don’t try a three-way. If guys are hitting on your man take it as a compliment; don’t be jealous. That’s not attractive. Try to avoid group vacations and travel with your partner alone.”

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John and Ryan can reached through their website at

Beefcake of the Week ~ Matthew from Chicago


Hi Matthew!
What does the term “Bear” mean to you?

“I think this is a fluid, changing term – but generally a hairy guy, can be bigger or more muscular. In my experience, most are friendly and fun-loving.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

“Dinner or drinks at a local restaurant. I like to get to know someone through conversation; an organic exchange of thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes.”


How would you describe your personal interior design style?

“Warm, comfortable, lived-in. Pristine places are nice, but I want my guests to feel at home. Nothing is worse than being afraid to sit on someone’s couch! My walls and furniture are neutral; I change the look with things like pictures, pillows, art, flowers – subtle color in key places.”

What kind of music do you listen to?

“Varied! For the most part indie or euro-pop: Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service; Robyn; The xx; LCD Soundsystem; Peter Bjorn and John.”


Location: Chicago, IL

Height: 5’10”

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Sign: Aquarius

Fitness Routine: “I go to the gym 5-6 times a week; it’s a mix of weight training and cardio. When it’s nice outside I run along the lakefront path on Lake Michigan, and during the winter the stair climber is my best friend.”


Occupation: “Teacher and musician.”

Hobbies: “Travel as much as I can, and play softball during the summer. I love to cook and entertain at my place. Trying to stay in shape – although it’s mostly to counteract the aforementioned food and beverages!”

Guilty Pleasure Snack: “I love sour and chewy candy. Sour Patch Kids and Chewy Spree.”

TV Faves: “Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Law and Order: SVU.”


Last good movie you saw: “I only go to movies once a year – on Christmas night with my sisters. This year was “American Hustle” – and I loved it.”

Currently Reading: “A James Patterson Novel – “Gone”


Turn Ons: “Confidence, intelligence. Being easygoing and adventurous. Lover of friends, family, and life.”

Turn Offs: “Arrogance, negativity. Smoking is a deal-breaker.”

Personal Statement: “I love the quotes “A person’s wound is where their passion is born” and “Not all those who wander are lost.” They speak to my motivations and passions, which include traveling and singing. I perform with an amazing ensemble, the Wicker Park Choral Singers. WPCS is a Chicago, all-volunteer, non-profit ensemble dedicated to building community through choral music.


Photos by Flaming City Photography

The Definitive Mid-Century Modern Populuxe Film

“The definitive populuxe film. This Jam Handy produced, Chevrolet sponsored technicolor movie, was designed to get the American public ready for the 1959 Chevy Impala. Just a decade earlier, car companies were producing one model, and you kept it as long as you could. Now, there were options, and colors, and and you wanted the new model every year. Some may call this propaganda. Hell, it was made by Chevrolet, did you NOT think there would be cars in it. GM’s agenda in no way detracts from the mid-century magic in this film. This is straight up vintage eye porn. If you’re into atomic age design and mid-century minimalism, then this is your Citizen Kane.” – ZarakPhoto

Modern Bear Q&A with Brian Sims!

Modern Bear interviews Representative Brian Sims during Bear Week in Provincetown, and asks him the hard hitting “political” question:
“What kind of Bear are you?”

A big thanks to David Goodman at Bear World Magazine for coordinating this interview!

Provincetown Bear Week 2014!

10559215_777427612291237_350817421_n (2)yesbetter

It was our best Bear Week ever! Highlights included interviewing the charming Representative Brian Sims, visiting with Authors, Blake Little and Armistead Maupin, and eating lobster rolls every day! We hosted three Modern Bear events this year, including two at the Bear Market, and our annual Meet-&-Greet at Joe Coffee.
The best part of these events is meeting so many wonderful facebook friends in person. We also got to tour a 1966 modern beach house, a rarity in the Cape, and see some of our fave performers including Tom Goss and Dina Martina!
Provincetown continues to be one of the most charming tourist destinations on the East coast, and this Bear Week was estimated to draw over 10,000 Bears from all over the world! We can’t wait for next year!

photo 1 (29)
Brian Sims playing poster child for Modern Bears everywhere, showing our book, Guide for the Modern Bear!

photo 2 (25)

Brian Sims chats with attendees of our annual Meet-&-Greet at Joe Coffee.

Absolutely awesome meeting one of our favorite authors, Armistead Maupin!

photo (2)4
Modern Bear Travis Smith greets visitors to the Modern Bear booth at the Bear Market.

photo (2)6


IMG_1535 (2)

A BIG thanks to Provincetown Magazine for this wonderful article on Modern Bear, calling us “Martha Stewart with a hairy chest and beard.”

At Blake Little’s signing for his latest book, Manifest.

Hamming it up with the Grizz Riley Boys at their popular Lumberjack party.

Homemade strawberry shortcake

With one of our fab hosts of the charming “Meet Market” party, Jocko Fajardo.

More scenes from the “Meet Market” Party.



Bears just wanna have fun: at the Grizz Riley Happy Hour

Cocktails served at the Grizz Riley Happy Hour.

Wolf Pack: Clint, Design Wolf Chris Bale, Dave Dudar

Scenes from PTown.

With “Sugar Artist” Chef, R. Bear Karito and Bryan.


Saying goodbye to our Shankpainter Pond housemates, Michael Ottoway and Jose Nanin ~ until next year, Boys!

Hot Fuzz!

HOT_FUZZ_JULY_2014_poster (2)

London’s favourite electro-dance party for beardy boys, their friends and admirers, HOT FUZZ has a fun and friendly atmosphere and boasts some of the hottest beats and hottest boys around courtesy of DJ/ Promoter SILVERHOOK (OUT OF ORDER, AUDACITY) and Host / Promoter SETH STROMBOLI (SONGS OF PRAISE, OUT OF ORDER). Completing our team is second resident DJ, CACTUSHEAD and a support team at the door as well as a great photographer and a designer helping us with posters and flyers. All our poster models are selected from our loyal crowd. In addition, we aim to bring you the best guest DJs in London and internationally. In the year and a half we’ve been running, we have enjoyed a very swift increase in popularity and have been invited to take part in festivals like London Bearfest and Summer Rites. Unlike some of the bear scene nights, Hot Fuzz is open-armed and welcomes everyone – big, small, hairy or smooth. Put simply, if you’re attitude free and up for some fun, you’re in.

hot fuzz april-30 (2)

hot fuzz april-23 (2)

crew_bw (2)

Meet Hot Otter Musician Alan Clark!


Hi Alan!
What does the term “Bear” mean to you?

“A big, furry and huggable guy.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

“Hiking up a mountain and pitching a tent to watch the sunset over the water.”


How would you describe your personal interior design style?

“I love a modern style. I feel it’s the easiest to clean. I love a nice antique dresser though.”


What kind of music do you listen to?

“Anything with a good beat or melody. I’ve been stuck on Dub-step and Metal for the last year.”


Location: Seattle

Height: 6’3″

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Sign: Cancer


Fitness Routine: “I’m not a gym guy. Perfect push-ups and a 10 mile hike is good for me.”

Occupation: “Musician. Bassist in The Classic Crime.”


Hobbies: “Photography, disc golf, snowboarding and video games.”

Guilty Pleasure Snack: “Gummy bears.”

TV Faves: “South Park, Family Guy and Modern Family.”


Last good movie you saw: “Defiance.”

Currently Reading: “Books on Photography.”

Turn Ons: “Downturned eyes, Furry round bellies, fuzzy face and thickness.”

Turn Offs: “Awkward pick up lines, unable to hold a conversation and coming on too fast. I usually don’t like to be smothered until I’m in bed.”


Personal Statement:
“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Mid Century Modern Porn: Hotel Lautner

This is a Modern Bear favorite! An iconic desert hideaway once known as the Desert Hot Springs Motel has been re-imagined today as Hotel Lautner, an award winning, stunning modern day oasis in the desert.


The owners purchased the famed modernist architect John Lautner’s mid-century property in 2008 and spent 3 ½ years on its meticulous renovation. To bring this resort successfully into the 21st century, the owners/designers were careful to remain tastefully true to the gestalt of the original design. It has been accurately described as a “hybrid” between luxury vacation rental property and micro-boutique hotel.


Guests are encouraged to live the Mid-Century Modern “Lautner Lifestyle” in their own private flat equipped with all the creature comforts of a “home away from home”. One can also rent out the entire compound for the ultimate retreat with family and friends. We recently attended a friend’s wedding ceremony and reception there, a magical setting featuring candle lit tables at twilight surrounded by the desert mountains.

481665_468859253156981_1453032059_n (1)

The hotel is comprised of four ingenious interlocking structures. The dramatic play of light throughout the day and night is achieved with the thoughtful use of skylights and glass walls. An impressive succulent garden wraps each unit on three sides giving the guest the magical feeling of living in a terrarium.


The outdoor patios and garden areas are four steps up giving the room a feeling of being nestled in the desert earth. Each of the four units is remarkably spacious and is uniquely appointed with luxurious vintage modern furnishings and boutique hotel amenities.


We loved the Saline Plunge Pool with built in seating, large enough to accommodate 8 people, and the adjacent lounge area and outdoor shower. There is also a dramatic Communal Fire Pit Lounge with cushions and pillows, with an Infrared BBQ and dining area located next to the fire pit lounge. Classic butterfly chairs are located throughout the compound.


Hotel Lautner is located just 10 minutes north of downtown Palm Springs where guests can enjoy fantastic restaurants, vintage modern shopping and mid-century modern architecture. If you’re looking for a unique get-away from crowds but still want to be close enough to drive to clubs, dining, and shopping, we highly recommend this fabulous modern gem in the sunny California desert!